Spiritual Spa Diffuser

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50 ml We Love The Planet
Create a wonderful scent and a pleasant atmosphere in your home.The diffuser contains 100% essential oils.

The 50ml glass bottle comes in a beautiful ecological gift box with wooden sticks. These are picked by hand, grow in the wild and do not affect the ecosystem.
Spiritual Spa (essential oil)
This fresh scent smells of eucalyptus oil, mint, lavender and rosemary. The oil has a neutralizing effect due to the addition of tea tree and basil. Spa at Home, so delicious!

Buy two or more for 25€ per piece.

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Regulate the intensity of scent by using more or less sticks. The fragrance lasts between 12-16 weeks with 2-3 sticks.

No alcohol, no synthetic fragrances, no solvents.



1 bottle of Spiritual Spa (50ml essential oil), two bunches of small Kajute sticks.


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