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  • Sale! We Love The Planet - Soap Dispenser "Stripe" ceramic with metal pump

    Soap dispenser ceramic with metal pump

    29,95 25,46

    A real eye-catcher in the bathroom or next to the kitchen sink! These soap dispensers are made by hand, so each one is unique.

  • Bamboo Soap Dish

    Bamboo soap dish


    This is the best spot for your soap! Your soap can air dry on all sides and the soap dish is made from a sustainable and compostable material.

  • Out Of Stock
    Loofah disque

    Loofah Disque


    Simple and natural soap “dish”.

    Loofah is a vegetable that grows in very warm climates. The fruits look almost like cucumbers
    or zucchini. Dried, peeled, seeds removed and cut into disques, they make great
    soap dishes.

    Due to all those wholes, your soap and shampoo bar will be able to dry well, even on the bottom.
    No more slimy soaps in such a simple, frugal way.

    To clean the loofah disque, only hot water is needed or you can pop it in the washing machine
    at 40 degrees celsius in a washing net.

  • Sale! Save some soap bundle

    Save-some-soap bundle

    13,75 12,30

    Your soap will love those two spots:

    On the bamboo soap dish, your soap can air dry from all sides.

    And for the bits and bobs of soap use the soap bag.

    So you never waste a tiny piece of soap.

    This bundle includes:
    1 bamboo soap dish
    1 cotton soap bag
    1 Marseille soap cube (100 gram)
    bits and bobs not included

  • Don't waste soap

    Soap Bag


    Never know what to do with the tiny left over pieces of soap bars?

    This lovely little helper can collect the bits and pieces of your soap bars and shampoo bars that are too small to be used on their own.
    Throw all bits and bobs of soap in the bag, pull the cord and you’re ready to use them up.

    Just wet the whole bag and rub it on your skin to foam up.

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