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    NewECOlunchbox Solo Rectangle

    ECOlunchbox Solo Rectangle


    For lunches to-go (or dinners) or school lunches or beach snacks: EcoLunchbox.

    It’s also great for take-out food! Just hand it to the employee of the cafe or restaurant with a smile and those words: Can you put it in my container please?

    Sometimes it doesn’t work, very often it does though and then you’ve saved one disposable food container.

    Even when you’re eating in a restaurant, this is a handy tool! You can put your left overs in it for the next day. Good bye, doggy bag!

    Dishwasher safe!

    Measurements: 18 x 13.5 x 5.5 cm

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    Glass bottle with spray trigger

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    NewWeducer reusable Coffee to-go cup

    Reusable coffee to-go cup Weducer


    The weducer cup is a reusable coffee to-go cup made out of used coffee grounds from
    cafés around Berlin.

    It’s the perfect companion for coffee lovers. You can still see the coffee grounds
    and the cup has a soft coffee scent.

    • Doesn’t break falling from up to 1.5m height
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Keeps coffee warm
    • Free of any softening agents & BPA
    • Free of Melamin & Formaldehyd
    • Vegan & crueltyfree
    • Entirely recyclable
    • Made in Germany

    Buy 2 or more for 14,90€ per piece.

  • Tissue box


    Sweet metal box for Smooth Panda Bamboo handkerchiefs.

    With this your next cold can be a plastic free one.

  • Aluminium bottle with pump


    This 300ml bottle works well for shower gel and liquid shampoo refills.

    Aluminum is much lighter than glass and doesn’t break that easily. It’s much more ecological than plastic, recyclable and reusable.

    It protects the content from oxidation due to light, so that the contents remain good for longer.

  • Glass Bottle with pump


    Glas bottle with a black and silver pump.

    Good for shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, foam bath, body lotion, liquid soap …

    Can be reused over and over again.

  • reusable aluminum jar

    Aluminium jar with lid


    A lightweight storage container, perfect for traveling, on the go, towards the gym…

    This aluminum jar will keep your dentTabs or shampoo bar safe and dry.

  • Silicone Funnel for DIY

    Silicone funnel


    Collapsible, yellow silicone funnel for bottle refill.

    The smallest opening it fits into is 28mm wide.

  • Tesa Paper Tape

    Paper packaging tape


    50 m * 55 mm

    Brown paper tape on cardboard roll.

    An entirely plastic free tape for light and medium heavy boxes.

  • NewStabilo Woody 3 in 1 color pencil

    Multi-Talented Pencils – 6 colors


    You’ve found the perfect zero waste alternative for:

    • colored pencils,
    • watercolors,
    • wax crayons,
    • pencils for glass, metal, ceramic, plastic
    • even Edding

    Easily mark your glass / plastic / metal containers (e.g. for bulk food storage) or freezer food containers. Even plastic bags!

    The size gives them a good grip, for big and tiny hands.

    This is the box with 6 colors. There is also one available with 10 colors.

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