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  • NewBabongo 3-in-1 Travel soap (shampoo bar, body soap, deodorant)

    3-in-1 Travel soap


    min. 95g

    This Travel soap bar is the perfect combination of a shampoo, soap and deodorant bar.

    Fresh scent that works for men and for women.

    Shampoo bar: wet the soap and rub the soap bar over your hair. Massage in and rinse.

    Bath soap and deodorant bar: take this Travel soap bar with you in the shower or in
    the bath and enjoy the wonderful scent and soft foam. After use with the soap, a
    deodorant is not necessary.

    This Travel soap bar is ideal for traveling and can be taken in hand luggage.

    Buy 3 or more, get 10% discount.

  • Conditioner Bar for all hair types Helemaal Shea

    Conditioner bar for all hair types

    50gr. Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 2.5 cm

    This conditioner bar is a pure, handmade solid conditioner full of hair care natural ingredients.

    It detangles your hair and nourishes the hair and scalp. With litsea cubeba (citrus-like scent), lavender and rosemary essential oil.

    Smells absolutely delicious!

    The conditioner bar is vegan and suitable for any type of hair.

    Helemaal Shea

  • Shampoo Bar Argan & Rhassoul Helemaal Shea

    Shampoo bar Argan & Rhassoul

    Argan oil nourishes and moisturize your hair and makes it soft and shiny. It contains many vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, which help to repair damaged hair.

    Rhassoul clay gently absorbs grease and dirt from skin, hair and scalp.

    The shampoo bar contains no essential oil or perfume, but naturally has a warm, nutty scent.

    Suitable for all hair types and those with sensitive skin. It is a perfect shampoo bar for curly hair and against dry, fluffy or damaged hair .

    Helemaal Shea
  • Helemaal Shea Shampoo Bar Coffee

    Shampoo bar Coffee


    Handmade shampoo soap with freshly brewed coffee.

    The caffeine in the coffee gives your hair a wonderful shine, it stimulates the blood circulation
    of the scalp and it can even prevent hair loss. The coffee gives brunette hair a warm rich tone.

    The hair soap is enriched with wheat germ oil which ensures radiant and supple hair.
    Suitable for all hair types.

    The shampoo bar has a spicy scent due to the use of juniper, patchouli, sandalwood and clove essential oil .

    Buy 3 or more, get 10% discount.

    Helemaal Shea

  • Out Of Stock
    Helemaal Shea Shampoo Bar Mono√Į de Tahiti

    Shampoo bar Mono√Į de Tahiti

    110gr.This shampoo bar from Helemaal Shea gives your hair beautiful shine, hydrates your hair and reduces hair breakage, frizz and static hair and gives it a better elasticity.

    The natural scent of the Mono√Į oil (Gardenia),¬†patchouli, ylang ylang and lemon gives this hair soap¬†a soft, floral and exotic scent.

    The hair soap can be used daily and is suitable for all hair types including curly hair.

    It’s also suitable for sensitive skin.

    Buy 3 or more, get 10% discount.

    Helemaal Shea
  • Helemaal Shea Shampoo Bar Nettle & Rosemary

    Shampoo bar Nettle & Rosemary


    This solid shampoo is made from an infusion of nettle and nettle tea. It makes
    your hair full and firm and has a stimulating and nurturing effect on the scalp.

    Nettles are very good for the hair, it grows stronger and becomes shinier.
    Hemp seed oil improves blood circulation of the scalp and makes the hair feel thicker.

    The rosemary and thyme essential oil gives the shampoo bar a nice crisp scent.

    The Nettle & Rosemary shampoo bar is for daily use and
    suitable for normal to oily hair with dandruff. 

    Buy 3 or more, get 10% discount.

    Helemaal Shea

  • Out Of Stock
    ShampooBit Kur Rosenrot

    ShampooBit Kur – shampoo bar with conditioner

    55grams (lasts between 40 and 60 washes) Rosenrot
    With this ShampooBit you have the shampoo and a light conditioner in one. It leaves your hair
    squeaking clean and makes it lightweight, smooth and shiny, even when it’s very dry.
    It works well for normal, dry, curly and colored hair and is also good for itchy scalps or dandruff.
    ShampooBit is not a hair soap, it’s a solid shampoo.
    Just like your liquid one but without all the water in it and without SLS.Get 2 or more for 8.50‚ā¨ per piece
  • NewSolid Shampoo Milk Thistle Oil

    Solid Shampoo Milk Thistle Oil

    40 grams lasts for 20-25 washes

    Scent “Cashmere”: A soft, fine fragrance that suits both men and women. A powdery, oriental fragrance composed of patchouli and mimosa.

    Milk Thistle Oil can protect your hair against UV rays and pollutants and helps with eczema, acne, rosacea, irritated or dry scalp, hair loss.

    An invigorating shampoo for frizzy hair.

    No conditioner needed!



  • NewSolid Shampoo Wheat Germ Oil

    Solid Shampoo Wheat Germ Oil

    40 grams (lasts for 20-25 washes)

    Scent “Lustbirne”: Fresh pear scent

    A mild shampoo for all hair types and sensitive skin.

    The wheat germ oil moisturizes hair and skin and helps regenerate.

  • NewACV Hair Rinse For Dry Hair and Scalp Flow Cosmetics

    Arctic Heather – Hair rinse for dry hair

    120 grams Flow Cosmetics
    This hair rinse is a great choice for dry hair and dry scalp.

    Enjoy naturally healthy, shiny hair with apple cider vinegar, Arctic heather (from Finnish Lapland), flower extract, rosemary and essential oils of lemon, chamomile and sandalwood.

    The heather hair rinse treats dry, coarse hair, as well as a dry, sensitive and stressed scalp.

    The ingredients can help prevent hair loss by cleansing the scalp and stimulating hair growth. 

    It will also help you to enjoy your dyed hair longer.

    The result is soft, shiny hair with a wonderful spicy scent.

    You can use the rinse instead of a conditioner after every wash. It ensures that the natural pH of your scalp and hair is restored.

    Lasts 25-30 washes.

    • 100% Organic and Natural
    • 100% Vegan and Animal Test Free
    • 100% Free from preservatives
    • 100% Plastic-free and Zero waste
    • 100% Honest and Handmade
  • NewLuxurious, creamy hair mask by Flow Cosmetics

    Coconut milk – creamy hair mask

    120 grams Flow Cosmetics
    This creamy and velvety hair mask works intensively nourishing and reduces hair breakage and split ends.

    Coconut milk, coconut oil and argan oil are rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids and give your hair shine and detangle the hair while maintaining the volume.

    The hair mask smells delicious and feels silky smooth. Also suitable for professional use and for the Curly Girl Method!

    • 100% Ecocert
    • 100% Vegan and cruelty free
    • 100% Free from preservatives and silicones
    • 100% biodegradable
  • Intensive conditioner bar - Flow Cosmetics

    Intensive Conditioner bar with hemp oil

    60 grams Flow Cosmetics
    The intensive conditioner bar from Flow Cosmetics is formulated with
    cold-pressed hemp oil and cares for the hair intensively.

    It nourishes the hair, closes the hair scales after washing and makes
    your hair shiny and soft.

    For all hair types.

    Suitable for the Curly Girl Method.


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