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  • Dirty vegan by Matt Pritchard - Vegan cookbook

    Book: Dirty Vegan by Matt Pritchard


    Proper banging vegan food!

    This cookbook brings you 80 recipes for proper healthy vegan food that is quickly prepared.

    Some of the recipes:

    • Beetroot Juice Pancakes
    • Beer-Battered Summer Veg with Aioli
    • Mexican Soup, Avocado Salsa & Tortilla chips
    • Doner Kebabs with Pink Pickles
    • Spiced Turkish Lentil Pizza
  • Sale! Book Jessi and Nicky Het Zero Waste Project

    Book: Het Zero Waste Project

    20,00 15,99

    The first Dutch book about Zero Waste Lifestyle is here!

    Nicky & Jessie give tips, information and inspiration about zero waste lifestyle.
    They show how fun, easy and stylish it can be to live zero waste and that you can even eat cake in a zero waster way!
    This book is a great way for anyone who wants to get started with zero waste in the Netherlands.

  • How to give up plastic

    Book: How to give up plastic


    Plastic is not going away without a fight. We need a movement made up of

    billions of individual acts, bringing people together from all backgrounds

    and all cultures, the ripples of which will be felt from the smallest village to the tallest skyscrapers.

    This accessible guide will help you make the small changes that make a big difference.

  • How to go plastic free

    Book: How to go plastic free


    From consuming zero plastic to producing our own weight in plastic every
    year, the last 100 years have seen global plastic usage reach epic proportions.

    The devastating impact this has had on our planet is clear, and so is the solution:

    To go plastic free! 

    But with a plastic habit, how can we give it up?

    Packed with simple and practical ways to start reducing the amount of plastic you use,
    How to Go Plastic Free will show you how to eliminate plastic from your life, one step at a time. 

    With 100 easy-to-follow tips.

  • Incredible Vegan Ice Cream

    Book: Incredible Vegan Ice Cream


    60 mind-blowing, easy-to-make vegan flavors from the founder of the renowned ice cream shop FoMu.

    FoMu makes successfully delicious ice cream from scratch with the best, plantbased ingredients.

    Just check out their instagram feed to get your mouth watering.

    Peanut Butter Mud Pie, Rockier Road, Matcha White Chocolate or Avocado Lime? Which one to try first.

    They are easy to whip up at home with a basic ice cream machine and a handful of fresh, wholesome ingredients.

  • N'ice cream

    Book: N’ice cream


    Award-winning Finnish author Virpi and coauthor Tuulia show that making your own
    ice cream can be easy and good for you at the same time. These recipes can be made with
    or without an ice cream maker, and include foolproof instant ice creams that can be
    savored right away.

    As Tuulia and Virpi say, people deserve to eat goodies without feeling crappy afterwards,
    and now they can; all the recipes are dairy-free, gluten-free, and refined-sugar-free, and
    many are nut-free and raw as well.

    These delicious recipes include creamy ice creams, soft serves, and milkshakes; fresh sorbets
    and popsicles; party fare like ice cream cakes, sauces, and more.

    Enjoy light, summery treats like Coconut Water Coolers and Apple Avocado Mint Popsicles,
    or relish more decadent fare like the Dreamy Chocolate Sundae and Mint Chocolate
    Ice Cream Sandwiches.

  • Book Shia Su Zero Waste

    Book: Zero Waste


    Zero Waste by Shia Su is the best way to kick-start your journey
    towards zero waste living. Shia has added a ton of simple ideas to make waste
    reduction convenient. Informative, fun, easy to read and implement.

  • Book Bea Johnson Zero Waste Home

    Book: Zero waste home: the ultimate guide to simplifying your life


    Part inspirational story of Bea Johnson and how she transformed her family’s life for the better by reducing their waste to an astonishing one liter per year; part practical, step-by-step guide that gives readers tools and tips to diminish their footprint and simplify their lives.

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