Bamboo Body Brush with long handle

Croll & Denecke


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Give yourself a good scrub! Or maybe someone else..?

This body brush is not a softy though. The bristles are hard and perfect for a thorough
scrub not only for cleansing but also for enhancing the blood circulation.

With the long handle it is easy to also give yourself a good back scrub.

Entirely vegan (including the bristles)!

The brush can be used wet and also for dry brushing.

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A bamboo body brush is more eco friendly than a plastic brush. Bamboo is the most sustainable wood available. Because bamboo is a grass, which regrows when it is cut down. It’s an evergreen perennial plant which grows very fast. Within 3 years it has already grown up to a height of a tall tree. Most kinds of trees need many years, even decades to grow to that same height.

The bamboo plant contains anti-bacterial substances to protect itself against insect attacks and fungus. This means that bamboo can be grown without the use of pesticides. And that also makes it a great wood for places with high humidity, for example bathrooms.

This bamboo body brush from Croll & Denecke has coconut fiber bristles, so the entire brush is vegan and plastic free. The bristles are hard and get a bit softer when they are wet. This brush can be used wet and also for dry brushing. The brushing and scrubbing of the skin gets the blood circulation going.

Good to know:

Croll & Denecke is a company that really thrives for eco friendly products. They have changed their packaging for many products over time to be plastic free as well.

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Vegan and plastic-free.


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