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Does your favorite café fill your to-go coffee in your own cup?

Know a shop where you can fill bulk food into your own bags and jars?

A cheese shop that allows you to use your own container?

By giving them this window sticker you’ll help not only the shop owner to save on disposable packaging. You’ll also help other customers to find such eco-friendly locations easily.

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Please let Zero Waste Nederlands know where the stickers are! The organization is working on an online map which shows you all the locations.

You can contact them via facebook: ZeroWasteNL  or email:

More Details

The sticker is available for an at-cost price of 50 cents, which is 100% of the production cost of the sticker. Zero Waste Nederland is a Non-profit organization (

oodles and pinches does not get any money for offering the stickers. We simply help to make them conveniently available.

You can also pick those stickers up at the oodles and pinches store in Haarlem.

Window sticker: Sticks on the inside of the window, visible outside
Measurements: 105 x 105mm
Durable: resistant to years of sun and germs
Recognizable: one sign for the entire Netherlands
Non-profit: offered at cost price

More questions?

Have a look at the Zero Waste Nederlands FAQ page (scroll down):



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