WECK 850ml sturz glass jar


Origina WECK canning jar Sturz 850ml 3/4L  RR100

Buy 1 jar or 6 jars. Add seals and clamps as needed.

For canning you need 1 seal and 2 clamps per jar.

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Preserve 3/4L food in this WECK 850ml sturz glass jar, liquid or dry.

The WECK mason jar is a tried and tested, robust and plastic-free food storage container. With the rubber seal and two clamps and the right technique you can use it as canning jar to preserve food at home for many months.

The Weck jar can also be used without the seal for easy and plastic-free food storage. It will keep your nuts, muesli, oats, rice and other pantry staples fresh and crunchy for longer.

Without the seal liquids may drip out if the jar is tilted.

How to clean the WECK canning jar?

How to clean the WECK canning jar?

The jar, the lid and the rubber seal can be boiled in a pot of water with vinegar to sanatize it.

The glass jar and the lid can also be washed in the dishwasher. If you use it for canning, make sure to sanatize it immediately before filling the to preserved food in.



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How to can with Weck jars

How to can with Weck jars


Here is a nice description about how to assemble a weck jar with seal and clamps: How to can using weck jars

A very detailed video explaining how to do water bath canning with weck jars:  Canning in Weck Jars | Roots and Refuge Kitchen by a US American Canning Pro

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