The Good Roll Subscription – Bamboo Toilet Paper (24 rolls)

From: 20,95 every 5 months

Get 24 rolls of The Good Roll Bamboo Toilet paper on a regular basis.

* Super Soft Bamboo toilet paper and Super Strong
* 2-layers- 400 sheets – MAXI – Double-thick rolls
* Way more sheets than usual! (400 vs. 150)
* 100% Tree Friendly & sustainable bamboo toilet paper
* Completely chemical-free
* Packaging is 100% Plastic Free

Simply choose a subscription plan and your Good Roll comes automatically to you
when you need it. Subscription can be changed and canceled easily at any time.

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About The Good Roll

About The Good Roll

Every day some 270,000 trees are felled to produce toilet paper, yet still an incredible 2.3 billion people lack access to safe and clean toilets. That’s about 32% of the world’s total population! Those are some alarming figures!

That’s why The Good Roll was developed.

A unique concept: sustainably produced toilet paper that tackles both problems at once, saving forests and providing clean toilets to those in need those who lack access to clean toilets.

A concept that donates 50% of The Good Roll’s net profits to support the building and maintenance of sanitary facilities in countries that lack basic access to good sanitation through The Good Roll Foundation and their partners…

All while using 100% tree-friendly recycled paper! Currently, The Good Roll holds five active projects in Ghana and Uganda.

The Good Roll is also super-soft, ethical, inexpensive, and luxurious designer rolls that can be delivered right to your doorstep in a colourful packaging that will surely brighten your day.

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