SWAK Toothbrush



SWAK makes all your teeth super clean without water or toothpaste. Just wet the tip and start stroking every tooth (see tab ‘How to use’).

Removes plaque by wiping it away. Feel how extra smooth your teeth become! It’s wonderful!

The small brush is a piece of Miswak wood. And that has been used since thousands of years for cleaning teeth. Now the SWAK handle makes Miswak convenient and lets you reach even these hard to reach spots in the back.

To replace it, simply unscrew it and screw in a new one.

It’s vegan!



More Details

You don’t need toothpaste. Just wet the brush (with a bit water or in your mouth) and get scrubbing (gently). Your teeth will get super clean!

If you miss the minty fresh feeling afterwards, you could use SWAK with some Xylitol Toothpowder Mint or the Mouthwash Tablets from georganics. If mint isn’t your thing you might love Xylitol Toothpowder Orange!

The handle is made from bio plastics made from GMO free sugar, not petroleum. You only replace the little wooden brush every 4-8 weeks.

Add the replacement bits to your order: SWAK replacement heads


The Miswak wood releases many things that are good for our teeth:

Fluoride Hardens the enamel
Silikat gentle abrasive ingredient
Vitamin C preserving
Tannine astringent (stops bleeding)
Saponine cleansing
Flavonoide antibacterial
Potassium, Calcium remineralizing

How to use it

Wet the wood in your mouth. Then gently stroke every tooth (both sides) with the tip of the wood from side to side and up and down.


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