Sunscreen SPF 30


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✓ 100% natural and organic ingredients.

✓ Extremely water resistant, whitening.

✓ Developed with surf teachers, and is perfect for all action sports such as surfing, kiting, running, hiking, sailing, climbing and skiing.

✓ Mineral sunscreen which uses Non-Nano Zinc Oxide as a UV-filter.

✓ Reef safe.

✓ Not tested on animals.

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More Details

The Suntribe Sports & Face Sunscreen is developed in Sweden from 100% natural and organic ingredients. Gentle on your skin and safe for the environment, and poses no threat to coral reefs.

This sunscreen is certified by independent laboratories and offers broad spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB rays. All ingredients are certified organic where possible.

Uses Non-nano Zinc Oxide as the mineral UV-filter which research deems the safest and most effective form of UV protection available.


Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Beeswax, Non-Nano Zinc Oxide

Additional in the tinted version: Cacao Powder

Additional in the blue version: Aquamarine (mineral)

How to use

The thick formula is developed mainly for facial use but can be applied on all exposed parts of your skin such as shoulders, hands and arms. Apply a transparent layer when spending up to two hours under low sun exposure (before 11am or after 4pm).

When spending the whole day in highly reflexive environments (snow/water) or under high sun exposure (11am-4pm), apply a thick visible layer.

Easiest to apply at room temperature (21 degrees or above). In colder temperatures, keep Suntribe Face in your pocket or warm the tin in your hand for a minute.

Lasts for one year after opening. Last for around three months when applied on face daily.


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