Sisal Soap Bag as soap saver and exfoliator

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This sisal soap bag is a soap saver and exfoliator in one.

Collect your soap left over pieces in the bag, close it with the cord and then use it under the shower to give yourself a good scrub.

The bag is entirely vegan and plastic free hence doesn’t create any microplastics.

Your sustainable SPA at home.

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This sisal soap bag is made from natural, vegan materials: Sisal and wood. Wet sisal fibers are soft and firm and are perfect for exfoliating and cleansing your skin. Either use the sisal soap bag with your favorite body soap or use it to collect various hand and body soap left over pieces over time. The soap pouch keeps even the smallest piece of soap so that you can use them up entirely instead of hunting down the slippery, small pieces under the shower.

Sisal is the hard fibre of the agave plant originating Mexico. The leaf of the plant contains the fibers. The plant continues to grow and produce more leafs for up to 10 years.

The soap bag and the packaging are 100% biodegradable. Put the cardboard from the packaging into the paper recycling container.

Using bar soaps and shampoo bars is more sustainable than using liquid shower gel and shampoo. The liquids contain a lot of water and need to be transported in (plastic) bottles. Due to the water in the products conservatives are required. Bar soaps are more natural, you simply add the necessary water at home.

Good to know:

Croll & Denecke is a company that really thrives for eco friendly products. They also have changed their packaging for many products over time to be plastic free as well.

Online you can find other products from Croll & Denecke here and in Haarlem at the zero waste shop oodles and pinches.


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Vegan and plastic-free.


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