Shaving soap in crucible

Nelumbo Kosmetik


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one piece, 70gram, shaving brush not included

Verbena shaving soap on olive oil base in a ceramic crucible.
Completely plastic free.


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Get your refill here: Shaving Soap!

Container Return

This container is made for reuse. You can either refill it or use it for a different purpose or give it to someone else who can use it.

Or you can return it!

When you don’t need the container anymore, we’re happily taking it back. Here is how: Close the lid on the empty container if there is one. Put the container into your oodles and pinches bag and give it to the delivery person on your next delivery.

Please don’t throw the container in the bin if it’s still in good working order!
For any questions around this return option, please contact us!


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