Potverdorie! Jam, Jelly, Chutney



Fruits and veggies that are not beautiful enough to be sold in supermarkets get a second chance here.

Potverdorie! collects unsold produce from farmers and makes delicious jams, jellies, and chutneys from it.

Buy 2 for 3,75€ per jar.
Buy 3 or more for 3,33€ per jar.

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Great on bread, but also in yogurt or with cheese as borrelhapjes (the dutch version of Tapas served with afternoon drinks).

Prevent food waste, eat jam!

They are vegan!

Food Waste

Food Waste

An estimated 280 kg food waste per capita is recorded in Europe annually. 190 kg of food loss occurs from production to retailing, and 90 kg is accounted for during consumption. The EU estimates that about 88 million tons of food are lost in the region annually. Commonly wasted food in Europe includes fruits, vegetables, and meat. (Source)

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