Plastic-free gift wrap


Send a zero waste and plastic-free gift to a friend, family member or colleague with inspiring, eco-friendly gifts from oodles & pinches.

Simply add the product and the gift wrap to the cart. It can be send directly to the gift receiver or to you so you can hand it over yourself.

The plastic-free gift wrap is completely compostable and recyclable.

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Add this plastic-free gift wrap to your cart and choose the product from the shop which
you would like to send to your friend, family member, colleague….

For multiple products please add enough gift wrap to the cart so that everything can get wrapped.

I’ll wrap your gift with this wrap from Compostella, plastic-free string and tape it with paper tape. It’s
entirely plastic-free and compostable.

If you’d like to send the gift directly to the gift receiver, enter her or his address as delivery
address during the checkout.

Type your personal message (if you have one) for this special person in the order notes during checkout.



Most common gift wrap has a layer of plastic which makes it impossible to recycle. I’ve chosen Compostella gift wrap because it’s free of any plastic and foil. The paper is strong and can usually be reused. It’s compostable and can also be recycled in the municipal paper recycling.

Compostella says: “COMPOSTELLA wrapping paper is a soda kraft paper that is completely free of chemical additives and therefore completely compostable. Even the printing ink of the timeless print is obtained from plant extracts and breaks down to earth in the compost.



* Haarlem: 3,95€
* The Netherlands box: 6,10€ Letterbox: 4,00€
* Orders over 50€: Free shipping
* International shipping cost 

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