Magic Coffee Liquid coffee beans

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With Magic Coffee you can make all coffee varieties without a coffee machine and coffee capsules and pads.

Magic Coffee is handmade in the Netherlands

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Zero Waste Coffee

Make fresh coffee without coffee machine, without filters, capsules, pads and without any left over coffee grounds.

Depending on the coffee variant you’re making you’ll need only 5ml or 10ml of the liquid coffee beens. With one bottle (250ml) you’ll save up to 50 coffee capsules and can make any variant you’d like in only seconds.



Arabica coffee (65%), water, cacao.



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Recipes - How to make great coffee

Recipes - How to make great coffee


* 5ml Magic Coffee Liquid Coffeebeans
* 100ml Hot water

Boil water and let cool down a bit (95°C). Mix Liquid Coffee beans with 100ml hot water. Add sugar or milk or enjoy black.


* 100ml Hot water
* 5-10ml Magic Coffee
* 120ml (plantbased) milk

Froth milk. and boil water. Boil water and let cool down a bit (95°C). Add 5ml Magic Coffee to a cup. Pour 100ml hot water into the cup and add sugar or sweetener if you like. Stir, then spoon the frothed milk on top.

Coffee with deluxe crema

* 30ml Hot water
* 35ml Magic Coffee

Pour 30ml hot water and 30ml Magic Coffee into a blender and start blending. It will foam a thick coffee foam. Prepare coffee with 5ml Magic Coffee and 100ml hot water. Scoop coffee cream on top of your coffee.

Cafè Latte

* 160ml (plantbased) warm milk
* 5ml Magic Coffee

Foam up your milk. Add 5ml Magic Coffee into your cup. Add your favorite sweetener if you like. Add foamed milk.

Double the ingredients for a large cup.

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