Ionic Body Brush


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Dry brushing helps your skin, your lymphatic system, naturally boosts your energy and fights cellulite.

This ionic dry brush has very fine bronze bristle which create anions on the skin. These anions accelerate the transport of oxygen to our cells and body tissue.

The lymph nodes’ are stimulated to to detoxify the blood and increase the resistance of the skin.

An easy dry detox massage to do at home.



How to use

Brush with long straight strokes towards the heart in order to stimulate the nervous system, blood circulation and the lymph system.

Start with long gentle strokes on right leg, then left leg, right arm, left arm (always stroking towards the heart). Use circular motion on belly, breast and back.

A daily 3 minutes massage with the ionic body brush will give you energy and wonderful skin.


  • Use dry only.
  • Not for sensitive skin.
  • Not for people with copper or bronze allergies.


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