HappyPo Portable bidet


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Hand-held, portable bidet.

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HappyPo is an easy to use portable bidet. It does not require electricity nor changes on your wc. Compared to conventional bidet toilets it’s much more economic.
Fill this hand held bidet with water of your preferred temperature.

HappyPo in the standard size comes with a travel bag, so that you can even take your bidet to work or on vacation. If you’d like to bring the water from home as well, add an extra lid to complete your travel bidet.

Good for your bottom and good for the environment:

  • Use 50% less toilet paper and no more wet toilet paper
  • Good on young, old, small and big butts
  • Make irritated bottoms happy
  • Best tool for new moms after birth
  • Get clean during periods and before and/or after sex
  • Soothing for people with haemorrhoid issues
More Details

More Details

There is a very detailed and helpful product review for the HappyPo Bidet at greenearthling.co.uk



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1 review for HappyPo Portable bidet

  1. Uschi Peeters says: (verified owner)

    Firm favourite with daughter. She always has a very sore bum after wiping with normal toilet paper, so she used wet toilet paper instead. This is so far much better though. A clean bum, no irritation an no waste.

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