Home compostable Baking Paper by Compostella


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Silicon and bpa free, home compostable baking paper (8 meter).

And it’s not only baking paper but also replaces aluminium foil, plastic wrap
and coated or waxed paper in the kitchen.

  • Tasteless and odorless
  • Heat resistant
  • Breathable, food safe and greaseproof
  • Home compostable, Zero waste
  • Plastic free, bpa free, pvc free

A real zero waste hero!

Buy 3 or more for 5.60€ per piece




Compostable baking paper by compostella. Some know baking paper under the term parchment paper.

This one is a true zero waste power house!

It’s home compostable because it’s not lined with silicone as most other baking paper is. And it’s not only baking paper either.

It replaces aluminium foil in the oven:
Just make it wet and wrap around potato for oven baked potato or around fish, veggies, chicken… anything you’d use aluminium foil for.

Compostella Baking sheets also replaces plastic foil:
Make wet and wrap around bowl or plate with left over food to keep fresh longer.

It also replaces coated and waxed paper:
Use it to package cold cuts such as salami, ham and cheese, lunch sandwich.

The unbleached paper is free of any chemical additives and made from FSC certified wood. Compost your Compostella Bakingpaper in a regular compost pile at home in 12-14 days. Or discarded it via the green garbage.

Good to know

Most baking paper is neither compostable nor recyclable due to the coating with nonstick material, typically silicone. Discarded those via the non-compostable, non-recyclable residual waste (restafval). Compostella Bakingsheets are the sustainable alternative.

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