Charming Chestnut Diffuser

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50 ml We Love The Planet
Create a wonderful scent and a pleasant atmosphere in your home.

This Natural Fragrance from We Love The Planet is a mix from a natural perfume and essential oils.

The 50ml glass bottle comes in a beautiful ecological gift box with wooden sticks. These are picked by hand, grow in the wild and do not affect the ecosystem.

Charming Chestnut (Natural Fragrance)
A powerful but especially charming scent of: Chestnut flower, Mimosa flower, Black currant, Sugared chestnut, White lily, Violin, Vanilla.

Buy two or more for 20€ per piece.



Good to know

Regulate the intensity of scent by using more or less sticks. The fragrance lasts between 12-16 weeks with 2-3 sticks.

No alcohol, no synthetic fragrances, no solvents.



1 bottle of charming Chestnut (50ml), two bunches of small Kajute sticks.


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