Bulk Food Storage Container 3Liter


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Metal bulk food storage container made of tinplate for dry groceries.

Great for long-term storage of rice, pasta, dry lentils, beans, peas, oats, and more.

Keeps your food dry and crunchy and protects it from insects in your pantry.



Height: 18cm
Diameter Bottom: 15,3cm
Diameter Top: 16,6cm
Volume: 3L

The container comes with a tight-fitting lid and two clamps and has a handle. Without the lid, the container can be stacked nicely for space-saving storage.

The container is not suitable for salty products or salt or moist products.

Made from tinplate with inside and outside lacquering for food-safety.

How much fits in?

How much fits in?

The container can hold by volume 3Liter of bulk food.
In this table, you can see how many grams of bulk food that is:

Cornflakes0.5 kg
Sunflower seeds1.5 kg
Muesli basic1.4 kg
Muesli crunchy1.4 kg
Granola cranberry & apricot1.6 kg
Granola chocolate1.4 kg
Granola flower power1.4 kg
Muesli strawberry & raspberry0.9 kg
Muesli wheat free1.4 kg
Rice krispies forest fruits & milk0.5 kg
Spelt muesli apple & cinnamon1.2 kg
Buck wheat flakes1.5 kg
Oat flakes fine1.4 kg
Oat flakes coarse1.3 kg


Not suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher. The container can be cleaned with a damp cloth but make sure to dry it extremely well and entirely.
Water or moisture will lead to rust.

Medical alcohol can be used for sanitization if necessary.



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