32 Rolls – Bamboo Toilet paper Subscription

From: 26,90 every 5 months

Get 4 boxes with 8 rolls on a regular basis.

With a Smooth Panda Toilet Paper Subscription you can enjoy eco friendly and super soft
toilet paper and never schlepp it home from the market.

Just choose how often you’d like to receive the box.

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Each roll has 200 tear-resistant, very absorbent and super soft sheets (3 ply).
Plastic free, vegan, not bleached and super soft.

Smooth Panda


Wood from Bamboo is more ecological than wood from trees. Bamboo is a grass that grows
much quicker than trees and the plant regrows many times.
No chemicals and pesticides are needed for the bamboo plants.

Panda bears

Panda bears

But what about the panda bears? The bamboo plants that are used for this toilet paper grow in areas where panda bears naturally don’t live. So no panda goes hungry due to this toilet paper. The makers of Smooth Panda Bamboo TP are both vegan and it’s of highest priority to them that no animal gets harmed for their products.



* Haarlem: 3,95€
* The Netherlands box: 6,10€ Letterbox: 4,00€
* Orders over 50€: Free shipping
* International shipping cost 

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