• 6 Stainless Steel Straws – Bambaw


    These stainless steel straws from Bambaw come in a handy pouch and with a cleaning brush. They are easy to clean, lightweight in your bag, have a well rounded tip and can be used hundreds if not thousands of times.

    Good for adults, kids and the environment!

  • Reusable Cotton Make-up remover pads


    Reusable Cotton Pads, unbleached / Very soft “Reusable Cotton Rounds” –

    Set of 8, zero waste, plastic free, washable, organic cotton

    Reusable cleansing pads made from unbleached organic cotton.

    Made from gorgeously soft organic cotton, these cotton pads are perfectly suited for your daily eye care and eye-makeup removal.

  • Astra Platinum Safety Razor Blades

    Astra Superior Platinum razor blades


    Astra Superior Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades

    wrapped in paper, packaged in a carton box.

    No plastic involved.

    The blades are sharp and flexible and fit standard safety razors.

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