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  • Zero Waste Make-up Removal Pads

    Reusable Make-up remover pads


    Use, wash and reuse up to 300 times!

    They gently cleans your skin and are reliable make-up removers, including eye make-up.

    Great alternative to disposable make-up remover pads.

    The pads come with a wooden box and a cotton bag for washing. And there is a handy refill option too.

    Vegan and cruelty free!

  • Reusable cotton make-up remover pads white by Make it Last

    Reusable Make-up remover pads organic cotton


    Reusable Cotton Pads, unbleached / Very soft “Reusable Cotton Rounds” –

    Set of 8, zero waste, plastic free, washable, organic cotton

    Size: 6,5 x 6,5 cm

    Reusable cleansing pads made from unbleached organic cotton.

    Made from gorgeously soft organic cotton, these cotton pads are perfectly
    suited for your daily eye care and eye-makeup removal.

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