• Bamboo Back Brush


    Give yourself a good scrub! Or maybe someone else..?

    This guy is not a softy though. The bristles are hard and perfect for a thorough
    scrub not only for cleansing but also for enhancing the blood circulation.

    Entirely vegan (including the bristles)!

  • Bamboo Comb


    Sturdy comb made from bamboo.

  • Bamboo Handkerchief plastic free and vegan
    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    Bamboo Handkerchief


    432 Handkerchiefs! Folded, in a recycled cardboard box, no foil, no plastic at all.

    Plastic free, vegan, not bleached and super soft: Smooth Panda Bamboo Handkerchiefs. With those and the handy metal box (scroll down till handkerchief box for details) you’re good for any cold that comes your way.

    Bamboo is a true super plant: Not a tree but a grass. It grows super quickly (compared to trees) and once the bamboo shoots are cut, they regrow, the plant lives on. No chemicals and pesticides are needed for the bamboo plants.

  • Out Of Stock

    Bamboo Nail Brush


    This small nail brush is a great helper when it comes to garden hands and nails. Or the soles of bare feet after a stroll.

    The handle is made from bamboo and the bristles from coconut.

    Now get your hands dirty!

    And clean again!

  • Zero Waste Dental Care NextBrush Bamboo toothbrush

    Ergonomic Bamboo Toothbrush


    The NextBrush is the bamboo toothbrush with a soft curvy handle.

    Pick between soft, medium and hard bristles for adults or decide for the kids toothbrush with soft bristles.

    Safe with the multi pack: >> 4 Toothbrushes for 12€  (14€) <<

  • Bamboo soap dish


    This is the best spot for your soap! Your soap can air dry on all sides and the soap dish is made from a sustainable and compostable material.

  • Bamboo Ear Pick

    Bamboo Earpick – Oriculi


    Instead of cotton ear swaps, use a reusable, bamboo ear pick. Zero Waste ear cleaning is that easy.

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